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Tribe Goddess Picture Tutorial

I am back with another picture tutorial using the Tribe Palette. I am calling this one the Tribe Goddess makeup look as you could see from the title. Also, who doesn’t want to look like a goddess? This makeup look is fun and makeup is just makeup have fun with it. That’s what I like about Juvia’s Place their palettes makes me want to play and try to be creative.

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For this picture tutorial like I said, I am using the Tribe Palette and some of the Juvia’s Place 9Pcs Pro Red Brush Set. Now, before jumping into this picture tutorial you want to prep your eyes. You can either use concealer or eyeshadow primer. I used the Too Faced Born This Way Multi-Use Concealer. Once you are finished prepping your eyes let’s begin.

Picture Tutorial

Step 1
Tribe Goddess Picture Tutorial

The first shade I am using is Ashanti for this Tribe Goddess makeup look. I am packing that on into my crease with the J6 brush. Normally, I like to apply my transition shade first but I see people pack on the crease shade first then blend with a lighter shade. I wanted to give it a try and see if I like it better this way. Before letting you know if I like it I will do it a few more times.

Step 2
Tribe Goddess Picture Tutorial

Here is where I blended out the crease shade using the eyeshadow Oromo. I used the J5 brush which I think was a little too big for this method.

Step 3
Tribe Goddess Picture Tutorial

Time to cut that crease. Just take your concealer and clean up your eyelid and make a sharp line in that crease colour.

Step 4
Tribe Goddess Picture Tutorial

Now, this is where you need to keep your eye closed till you are finished. Taking the J9 brush I packed on the shade Kurla. I just did a small line following my crease.

Step 5
Tribe Goddess Picture Tutorial

Ignore the orange on my lid. I started the next step before I remembered I needed a picture.

Next, you want to do is the exact same thing as step 4 just using the shade Kuba. Which I think really makes this Tribe Goddess makeup look. For this, I used the Luxie 221 Flat Definer brush. If you get a little to thick with your line just clean it up with concealer. I used a small lip brush for that.

Step 6
Tribe Goddess Picture Tutorial

Go back in with the shade Kurla and packing that onto the rest of your eyelid.

Step 7
Tribe Goddess Picture Tutorial

To make a line looking wing to connect the shade Kuba together I just clean off my outer corner with concealer and pack on the shade again with the Luxie 221. I felt like it really pulled the look together.

Step 8
Tribe Goddess Picture Tutorial

Starting the lower lash line add the shade Oromo using the J8 brush.

Step 9
Tribe Goddess Picture Tutorial

Using the same J8 brush apply the shade Ashanti right on top. You want to go all the way from outer to inner corner.

Step 10
Tribe Goddess Picture Tutorial

Once you have all that done you can add the shade Kuba using the Luxie 221. I didn’t want this shade blended out, I wanted a sharp line.

Step 11
Tribe Goddess Picture Tutorial

Add some eyeliner to your water line. I used the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade Goddess. The liner really helped finish off this look.

Step 12

The final thing to do is mascara and some lashes. Add any mascara you would like. I try not to use my favourite since you won’t really see my natural lashes anyway. For lashes, I used the House of Lashes X Sephora Collection in the style, Valentina. After that, you are done with this Tribe Goddess picture tutorial.

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