Pretty Vulgar Nightingale Eyeshadow Palette
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Pretty Vulgar Nightingale Eyeshadow Palette Review

When I first heard of Pretty Vulgar cosmetics I was very intrigued by the brand. I love the packing of there products it just makes me want to try and buy it. When I usually decide to pick a new product I always go for either lipstick or a palette. It always comes down to those two choices and I know I should branch out but that’s what my Boxycharm is for, to give me things I wouldn’t normally buy.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic, so when I was looking at what to buy, the palettes were just calling my name. Each palette is inspired by a different bird. I was debating between the Pretty Birdie and the Nightingale palette. The Nightingale palette won because I love a cool tone eyeshadow looks. Now let’s just dive into the Pretty Vulgar Nightingale Eyeshadow Palette.


The Pretty Vulgar Nightingale Eyeshadow Palette has 12 shades with colours chosen to create a deep, sultry look. It is formulated for long-wear and highly-saturated, blendable matte, shimmer, and pearl smoky-hued eyeshadows are perfect for a night out.


The price for this palette is C$43.00 which is good. The palette includes 12 shades so that would be about C$3.50 per eyeshadow. To me, that is a good price I love anything that would equal to under 5 dollars per pan. Majority of palettes start around C$40.00 so I think the price is reasonable, no complaints from me.

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The packaging I think is cute. The shadows are in a birdcage which is cute and a bird on the front of the palette. This palette is inspired by the nightingale bird which is known for its beautiful song. A little side note every time I think of this palette I think of Cinderella. When the stepsisters sing that song Sing Sweet Nightingale, is that just me? Moving on, the palette includes 3 different finishes and they are matte, shimmer and pearl.

Pretty Vulgar Nightingale Eyeshadow Paltte


The pigment is just okay, some are good and some need a little help. I find I get good pigment with the shadows except for the top row and as you can see from my swatches you can barely even see them. For some reason those 3 shadows I have a little more trouble. I find I have to keep picking up more and more eyeshadow to get the pigment I need and want. Now is this a huge problem, no but it is something to keep in mind.


This palette needs more work for blending then some others. You would just have to spend a few extra time blending. The shade Swoop I find is the one I have the most trouble with but just give it a little extra love and it will blend out for you.

You can click HERE to see a picture tutorial on this look right here


This palette doesn’t have too much fallout just very little I find. I also wouldn’t rule out a palette just because of fallout. As long as the shades blend and still has some good pigment I am happy. I dont mind doing my face makeup after my eye makeup. Which I usually do unless it is a very simple quick everyday look.

Also talking about everyday looks, I think this palette is described for doing smokey eye looks which you can do but you can do a simple day looks with it as well. You can see in this post a couple eye looks that I have done but you can definitely scale it back or add a lot more drama.

You can click HERE to see a picture tutorial on this Simple Cut Crease.

Pretty Vulgar Nightingale Eyeshadow Palette

For me overall this palette is great. I would give it a 7 out of 10 just because they did have a couple issues but nothing that I can’t look past. I would still like to try their other palettes. Also some of their other products. I had got a lipstick, a blush and their gel eyeliner (used in the picture above) from Boxycharm and I loved everything.

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Let me know in the comments if these issues are something that would make you stay away from buying the palette. Would consider giving it a try? Also if you have tried this palette let me know what you thought.

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  1. Katrina says:

    For all of us charmers who still needs some help in the creative field of pallette could you tell us how you created these looks? Cause they’re gorgeous and my mixtures have not been too cute

    1. Alexandria says:

      I actually have a picture tutorial on the first eye look if you want to check it out I will have another one for the second look coming soon so keep an eye out for that. I hope this helps you out 🙂

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