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Nightingale Smokey Eye Picture Tutorial

Here we are again with another picture tutorial using the Nightingale Eyeshadow Palette by Pretty Vulgar. I think I will call this one the Nightingale Smokey Eye. If you did not know I have already posted 2 other picture tutorials. For the Lavender Smoke picture tutorial, click HERE. To the Simple Cut Crease click HERE.

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Nightingale Eyeshadow Palette

Nightingale Smokey Eye

I won’t go into detail about my thoughts because I do have a review on this palette up. If you want to check out my thoughts you can click HERE.

Now for this look, we are going to be using 5 different shades. This Nightingale Smokey Eye is quite simple. I have been loving simple looks lately. It always seems like I have no time. Also, who doesn’t love something that can be done in like 10 minutes?


I can’t remember the exact brand of brushes that I had used for this Nightingale Smokey Eye so you can just use your favourites. You will need a crease brush, a packing brush and a pencil brush or a tight flat line brush for the lower lash line.

Now that we know everything we need, grab your palette, your brushes and let’s get started.

Picture Tutorial

Step 1

You want to have your eyes primed to start this Nightingale Smokey Eye. I just primed with some concealer but use whatever you want and love. Once your eyes are primed we can go in with the first shade which is Hide & Seek. Apply this with your fluffy crease brush into your crease.

Step 2

For the second step, you can use the same brush and add the shade Flip Out. I added this shade because I did want a hint of brown in this look. It just helped with breaking up some of that grey. For me, I did not want it to be too grey if that makes sense.

Step 3

Time to deepen that crease, for this we are using the shade After Midnight. Apply using a crease brush just a little lower than the previous shades. You don’t want to cover up the work you just did.

Step 4

It is finally time for this gorgeous blue. I think this is my favourite shade in the entire palette. Apply the shade Silver Spoon with a packing brush on the outer corner of your eye. Don’t worry if your outer corner is a little bit of a mess. We will just clean that up with a makeup remover wipe or q-tip.

When I add shades to my outer corner I like to do it on an angle. I start by applying the shadow right by my lash line. This will be where my shadow goes the furthest on my eye. As my shadow goes higher towards my crease I don’t apply as far. I hope I am making any sense, I’m having trouble explaining. The picture above I hope is enough to see what I mean.

Step 5

Once I was happy with how the blue shadow looked I cleaned up under my eye and made my outer corner sharp. I did this with some makeup remover and a q-tip. 

After everything was clean I applied my concealer and powder to prepare for the lower lash line. I applied the first two shades Hide & Seek and Flip Out. Then I added the shade, Silver Spoon, very tightly under my lash line and connected it to my outer corner.

Step 6

We are almost at the end here. The last shade we are using is Darkside. Just apply this shadow all on the rest of your lid. Make sure to blend Darkside and Silver Spoon together so it is not a sharp line.

Step 7

The last steps are inner corner highlight and mascara. If you are all satisfied with your eyeshadow you can pop on your inner corner highlight. I used the shade Break Free and applied it with my finger. 

For mascara, I used the Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara. You can apply false lashes if you would like. I did not want to cover the shadow and I was still loving it without the false lashes.

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Let me know if you guys like this look. Also if you do recreate any of my looks you can tag me on my social media I’d love to see. If there is another palette you would like me to create some looks with let me know in the comment. 

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