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Microfiber Sponge Review

I’m going to be talking about the Makeup Drop Microfiber Sponge. I have been seeing microfiber sponges going around and I was intrigued to try it myself. Even though I don’t like the feel of microfiber. Although, wet I don’t actually mind it. What I do like is that this brand uses clean, sustainable products, ingredients and packaging. Which is important.

Microfiber Sponge


This sponge retails for $20.00. I probably would not have bought it at that price. I don’t know why since I buy Beauty Blenders. Anyway, I did get it for $6.00 on FabFitFun since I am a member.

Microfiber Beauty Sponge

I thought the silicone part was interesting at first but then not so much. It’s meant to be there to apply product and then the rest of the sponge is meant to blend. However, I find it gets in the way when I want to use the tip to blend my concealer under my eyes. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who likes to squeeze their sponge to get it in the small corners of their faces. It is hard to do that though with the silicone in the way. I actually ended up ripping the silicone part off which made me like it better.

Also, with the silicone on I find it almost made the sponge a little denser. Not as bouncy if that makes any sense. I like a little bounce to be able to blend everything together. I don’t feel like I got a better application using this sponge versus a regular one. It does blend nicely just like the others I have used do.

To clean it, on the website it said use soapy water after every use. When I went to go do that, it was actually hard to clean this thing. I used soapy water and I also tried my Sephora Brush Cleaner and it did not want to get clean. It should not be this hard to clean but it is. I don’t know if I doing something wrong but I do it how I clean my other sponges and for some reason, this one does not want to get clean.

Microfiber Sponge

Final Thoughts

Overall I don’t recommend this sponge. Just because that silicone part I don’t like. It’s in the way and to me just ruins the sponge. It’s kind of disappointing. I get what they were trying to do but it just ain’t working. There are better sponges out there for you to try or get. Maybe I will try another microfiber sponge without any special add ons.

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