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Mercury Retrograde Palette Review

This palette is my first eyeshadow palette purchased from Huda Beauty. I did buy her lashes once quite a while ago and they were okay but honestly, her products never have intrigued me. I’ve never been kind of interested in buying any of her product but when I saw this palette it just kind of spoke to me. Like the looks that I could create with this Mercury Retrograde Palette especially the shade Haze. So I just knew that I had to have it.

Mercury Retrograde

Now, this is kind of the first impression that I am having from the brand. We are going to have to see how I like it, how it performs if it’s good. Also to see if it’s going to make me want to purchase more things from her in the future. I don’t really care for her brand, to be honest, but we’ll see how I feel about this palette. Let’s jump into this Mercury Retrograde review and see what I think.   


As I do for all my reviews I like to start out with price so we’ll go over that first. The Mercury Retrograde palette does cost $88 and when I divide that by 18 it makes it about a little under $5 per eyeshadow pan. Which isn’t too bad actually. It does seem like a lot when you’re paying obviously upfront but you do get 18 eyeshadows like I said which is a good amount.


Mercury Retrograde

Packaging for the Mercury Retrograde is next and it’s nice. It is kind of like holographic packaging. I think the packaging is very similar to like her other palettes as well. They all have her face on it. I do like that it has a good size mirror.


Mercury Retrograde

Now for what we all really want to know does it have pigmentation? Yes, it does, it actually has really good pigmentation. I don’t know why I was kind of expecting it not to but it does. There was no problem even layering these shades on top of each other they didn’t disappear. I will say those glitter shades you do really need to be to apply them with your finger versus a brush. It is quite hard to pick it up with a brush. I’m going to see if maybe like a silicone brush would work when I buy one and try it out (I will update). There is less fall out as well when you’re applying with your finger. Overall I was really happy with the pigment that it gives.


Now it’s time to talk about blending. It actually blended really well and the same thing as last time with the pigmentation I don’t know why I was thinking it was going to underperform. All the shades blended really well. Even the glitter shades after you apply them with your finger you can still blend it out with your brush into the other shades. I was actually really happy with that. There was also barely any fallout on my face with the more matte shades while applying it. Which is nice so if you wanted to do your foundation first you definitely could.

Final Thoughts

Overall with this Mercury Retrograde palette, I was so surprised with this palette and how much I actually do like it. This does definitely make me want to start looking at some of the other products that she sells. Also, kind of keep a lookout on some of the products that she will be launching. Have you tried this palette or any other products that you think I may like or want to try? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. This is by far the most beautiful Huda Beauty palette ever. Especially the shimmers and their duo-chrome effect.

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