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Fenty Beauty Flypencils Review

I’m so excited to be talking about these Flypencils. I’m always on the hunt for good eye pencils that are long-lasting. I have watery eyes and a lot of eye pencils don’t stay on the waterline. Fenty is one of the top brands that I like so when I saw they were coming out with eye pencils I had to try them.


These retail for C&29.00 which is on the higher end. Like I had said before I don’t mind spending as long as the product works for me. They have a few different finishes like matte, shimmer, metallic and glitter shades to choose from.

Fenty Flypencils


The packaging is cute, it’s a pencil in a triangle shape. The pencil is like a lighter purple and white writing. On the bottom is the colour of the pencil so you know right away what you are picking up. This is a twist-up pencil so no need to sharpen it. The only thing I don’t like is that it does not retract so you need to make sure you don’t twist-up to much when getting ready to use.


These have great pigment the colour is very vibrant. Which is what you want if it is expected to last in the water line, which it does. The colour doesn’t fade on my eyes it is just as vibrant as when I put it on. They have 20 different shades to choose from bold bright colours to nice neutrals and a great matte black.


Spa’getti Strapz (Coral Matte), Cuz I’m Black (Black Matte), Sea About It (Cobalt Blue Matte), Bank Tank (Olive Green Matte), Space Cookie (Dark Brown w. Gold Glitter), Grillz (Yellow Gold Metallic), Bad Bride (White w. Silver Glitter)


These are creamy which makes them easy to blend. If you want good liners to last in the waterline but are able to blend out your lower lash line you can do it with these Flypencils. You can also create a really nice winged liner with these as well because they are nice and cream before they set, it just glides on.

Final Thoughts

To me, these are a must-have. I’m slowly collecting all 20, I have 7 right now but I definitely will continue to purchase until I have every shade. They just last so well on my waterline. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen me already talk about it a little and show you how well it stayed. If you don’t follow me on Instagram you should so you can see things like that and more. Anyway, I definitely recommend trying these ones out if you are on the hunt for an amazing eye pencil.

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