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Fall Eye Makeup Picture Tutorial

Today’s Picture Tutorial is this fall eye makeup look. It’s the third look that I’ve done with the Ace Beauty Grandiose Palette from the November Boxycharm box. If you would like to check the others out you can click below.

Matte Eye Makeup, Pink Rose Cut Crease

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When I saw the Ace Beauty Grandiose Palette in my box I immediately thought perfect for fall. Also, I wanted to give you guys different options of some makeup looks you could create.

Ace Beauty Grandiose Palette

For this look, I used the shades Patchouli, Clove, Cinnamon, Poppy, Myrtle and Primerose. The brushes I used were from the November and September box. I wanted these looks to be simple and easy so I decided to use products every charmer will have.

Picture Tutorial

Step 1
Fall Eye Makeup

The first step for the fall eye makeup look is to prime those eyes. You can either use an eye primer or concealer. For the first shade, you want to take your fluffy brush by Alamar cosmetics that we received in the September box. Using that brush dip into the shade Patchouli and apply to your crease. This will be our transition shade.

Step 2
Fall Eye Makeup

The next shade we are going to use is Clove. I just used the exact same fluffy brush I used for the first shade and applied into my crease.

Step 3
Fall Eye Makeup

Now I took the Luxie 121 from the November box and picked up the shade Cinnamon. I applied that into my crease a little lower than the shade Clove.

Step 4
Fall Eye Makeup

The last shade we are going to apply in our crease for this fall eye makeup look is the shade Poppy. I used the same Luxie 121 brush. Which I like how small this brush is. It is super easy to keep your darker shades not to high.

Step 5
Fall Eye Makeup

It’s time to start adding some shimmer to our lids for this fall eye makeup. For our outer and inner corners, I used the shade Myrtle. I packed this one on with the packing brush by Alamar Cosmetics

Step 6
Fall Eye Makeup

For the center of my lid I used the same packing brush just the opposite side and used the shade Primerose. When I was thinking of looks I wanted to use every shade in the palette and those were the last to shimmers. If I do this look again I’d probably pick Jasmine as my center shade to make it pop more.

Step 7
Fall Eye Makeup

For my lower lash line I used the Luxie brush 141. I applied the shades Clove and Cinnamon first. After I applied Myrtle on my outer and inner corner and Primerose in the center to match the top.

Step 8

The last thing to do is add mascara and lashes that you love and you are all done. This fall eye makeup look would also look great with a winged liner if you wanted to do one. I hope you guys all enjoyed this look and don’t forget to check out the others.

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Let me know what you think of this look. Do you like the Ace Beauty Grandiose Palette? Have you tried any other Ace Beauty products? I appreciate any feedback as well! 🙂 Don’t forget to also follow me on social media to keep up to date with me.

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  1. I love your blog, Such nice tips you give. I always follow your Eye Makeup.

    1. Alexandria says:

      Thank you very much!

  2. I love this eye makeup tutorial. I always learned some new ideas from your blog.

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