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FAB Pharma Arnica Relief & Rescue Mask Review

Anything that is for hydration and soothing for my skin I love. That’s why I was excited to try this FAB (First Aid Beauty) Pharma Arnica Relief & Rescue Mask. My skin has been pretty normal lately but usually goes drier so I like to keep it hydrated and this mask helps. This mask gives me just an extra boost of hydration.

Rescue Mask


This mask costs C$42.00 for 3.4 oz which is a good price. That’s one reason I love FAB because they have good affordable skincare. If you also are looking for a good affordable moisturizer for daily use check out their Ultra Repair BarriAIR Cream I really like that one.


Nothing too special for packaging, in my opinion. It is in a tube which I like though. I don’t care for a mask when it’s in a tub and I have to stick my fingers in it or a spatula/brush which I often misplace. It’s also more sanitary this way not getting anything into the product.

Pharma Arnica Relief & Rescue Mask

It’s highlighted ingredients are Arnica Flower, Calendula and Centella Asiatica. These help with soothing and calming the skin and the natural healing process. This mask is great to reduce redness and to help with breakouts caused by stress as well.

Rescue Mask

I’ve been using this as a sleeping mask which is my favourite way since you don’t wash this off. If using it as a 15-minute mask you would want to massage the rest into the skin. If you had applied too much you can tissue it off than massage the rest into the skin.

My only problem with this rescue mask would be that I don’t like the smell. This was not a surprise to me, a lot of their products I don’t like the scent. It is fragrance-free which I know a lot of people like because fragrance can sometimes irritate the skin. However, I like a little scent added to things but it works so I’ll look past it. I will not that the scent doesn’t last long after applied.

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