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Dr. Jart + Sheet Masks Review

I’m excited to be trying these sheet masks because I hear such good things about Dr. Jarts+ sheet masks. Some people say they are the best sheet masks to use. I did buy these in a set which was the 7 Day Mask Experiment Kit. So I am trying these out for 7 days in a row to see how it work on my skin.

Before I get into the masks and let you know my end results I’ll let you know what else I’m using on my skin daily. Right now my routine is very minimal, in the mornings I am cleansing my face with my Sephora cleanser. After that, I moisturize with the First Aid Beauty Ultra BarriAIR Cream. For my eyes, I’m using Juice Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment.

At night I will start with my Juice Beauty Cleansing Oil then go in with my Sephora Cleanser. Next will be using whatever mask I am doing that night then my Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ Night Cream. My last step is eyes and I use once again the Juice Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment. Also, I do use the Herbivore Jade Roller to apply all my masks. I find it gets into the skin much better and I like to leave the masks on for about half an hour to an hour-long.

sheet masks

For my first mask, I chose the Clearing Solution because I’m breaking out. This mask is a microfiber mask and felt good on the skin. Of course, you don’t see any magic happen just from one use. But I could tell my breakouts had gone down slightly from the salicylic and tea tree oil. Definitely, a nice treatment to add if you are maybe more acne-prone to keep those breakouts away.

My day two choice was the Soothing Hydra Solution. Now I did apply a charcoal mask from Lancome right before applying this mask. My skin is a little on the dryer side and I love using hydrating sheet masks after a charcoal mask. I also find it helps to see if it will give me that good hydration back into my skin. This mask did just that, I liked how it felt. As I said before I do leave them on long. I left it on until it actually started to get dry in some places from my skin just drinking up the goodness.

My third mask choice was Wrinkless Solutions. This mask unlike the first two, it is in two pieces. I prefer to have my sheet masks just one sheet versus 2. However, I actually liked this mask. When I removed it my face looked a little smoother to me. I noticed it on my forehead where I have 3 wrinkles. Really they are just expression lines from the same face I always make but the same thing to me. Anyway, this mask is nice to add in as an extra boost to prevent wrinkles.

The fourth mask is the Porecting Solution and it tickles. This is a bubbling mask and when the bubbles start popping it tickles my face. This mask I wasn’t expecting much because I find nothing shrinks or does anything for my pores. I didn’t notice anything with this one but like I said I was expecting that so I wasn’t disappointed.

sheet masks

My fifth mask is the Brightening Solution and I didn’t notice a difference. Now this one I think would work well if you were to continue to use it at least 1 to 2 times a week in conjunction with other brightening products daily. It does have good brightening ingredients like niacinamide. I think this would be a good one to add in your routine once a week if you are looking to brighten and even out the tone of your skin.

The second last mask I will use is the Peeling Solution. Which if you know me you would think this one would be my favourite. However, I’m not sure. I was expecting it to tingle or something from the second step which has lactic acid. It could be because I do so much exfoliation I usually don’t notice it anymore. Other than that I do like the mask but it’s not my favourite peeling mask I have tried. This is not one I’d pick up again. I didn’t really see any difference and for a peeling mask, I feel like you should. 

sheet masks

The last mask I am using is the Vital Hydra Solution. I didn’t think I was going to like it because one of the first five ingredients is alcohol and that is not hydrating. Then I realized the Soothing Hydra also has alcohol after I saw this one did. Anyway, this one I did not use a charcoal mask before like I did for the first one. However, I did like it but not as much as the first hydrating mask. I would choose the Soothing Hydra over this one.

Overall I really like these sheet masks. There wasn’t a big difference in my skin after the 7 days but I figured from the start it wouldn’t really change. I’m not sure what I was exactly expecting. These masks are a great addition to your routine to add-in but don’t count on just these. You still need to use your serums and moisturizers daily.

I would buy these again, I actually went to go purchase the set again but it was no longer available. So I will be buying them individually and continue adding them into my routine. Especially the Clearing Solution and the Soothing Hydra Solution those two were my favourite out of the bunch. If you were thinking of trying these I say give it a try because they are good and have the ingredients to get it done over time. Let me know if you have tried any of these and your thoughts.

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