Boxyluxe December 2019

It is Boxyluxe time and if you don’t know what Boxycharm is I’m here to tell you. Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box where you pay US$25.00 each month. Each box contains 5 items sometimes more and is $100.00 or more value. If you upgrade like I did every 3 months you get your big box which is called Boxyluxe. You pay an additional US$25.00 on top of the US$25.00 which makes US$50.00 every 3 months. In each box you get makeup, skincare and beauty tools.

I’m always happy to share my thoughts because this is one of my favourite posts. I get to try new things which I love to do. Discovering new brands and products is why I definitely subscribe to Boxycharm. I love it so much I am subscribed to all the boxes they offer. Boxyluxe is my favourite to get because it has the most products inside. Now let’s jump into the Boxyluxe reviews of each product.

Storybook Cosmetics Fairy Tales Little Briar Rose Palette


This palette I was most excited for. I’ve seen a few of their products on Instagram and they always caught my eye. Their packaging and the themes they have done. Unfortunately it wasn’t as good as I was expecting it to be. Especially the shade grimm it looked patchy and took me a while to blend and pack on the shade to the intensity I wanted. Even after that it still looked patchy and kept kind of disappearing. The rest of the shades worked good but I just wasn’t impressed by this one sadly.

Saturday Skin Waterfall Glacier Water Cream

I had gotten a sample of this before and was happy it’s not something I hate. It’s nice on the skin very lightweight and gives nice hydration. It also leaves kind of a sticky feeling after applying which is nice for under makeup. I’m not sure if I would actually buy it because it’s more of a gel texture which isn’t my favourite. I do prefer more of a creamy texture on my skin. Other than that it is nice, it just didn’t wow me enough to want to go purchase it myself.

Ciate Confetti Highlighter

I actually really liked this highlight. I thought at first it was going to be too dark for me but it’s not. It would work even better when I self-tan. It does give a nice glow to the skin. I will be looking at some of their other highlights to see if one would better suit me. I actually ended up giving this one away because I felt it suited her skin tone much better than mine.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser


This cleanser I’ve actually have had already had for a few times now. I like it, it’s not my favourite cleanser but I like it. Which is weird to say because I don’t have a favourite one. Let me know your favourites are in the comments for me to try. Anyway, it doesn’t strip my skin and is safe for around the eyes. It does its job of getting my face clean so that makes me happy.

Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick

I’m always happy when I get lipsticks from brands that I already have tried and know I love. This was my first time trying the metallic version of the melted mattes and I have to say I like them. They feel just as good as the regular ones. I have a review already on the Too Faced Melted Matte Lipsticks if you want to read more of my thoughts on them.

IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo

When I first saw that I got a dry shampoo I wasn’t that excited because I’ve never used one and didn’t think I needed one. However, I like it and I will be using it in between washes on the days I work out and sweat. It doesn’t leave a white cast and can easily blend into my hair. It also gives a hint of more volume which I like. I don’t think I would ever repurchase just because it’s not something I care to use or think I really need.

M. GreenGrass Dry Oil Spray


This dry oil smells wonderful and I really like it. This was a surprise to me because I thought I’d hate it. I don’t usually use oils they aren’t my favourite but this changed my mind. I use it on my body as my moisturizer and it makes my skin so soft. It seeps into the skin very quickly which I love because I hate feeling oily or greasy. Also, I think I liked it a lot more because I feel like it didn’t take me as long to get this all over my body as a moisturizer does. I can just quickly spray my body and massage in super quick. This is something I’d buy again and I’m kind of interested in using some other oils for my body.

QMS Lip Line Corrector

I didn’t know I needed a lip serum in my life until I tried this. Lips are important to me if you didn’t know. I take good care of them I use different lip sleeping masks and lip balms. I’ve never used a lip serum and I’ve been missing out. This lip serum hydrates and preps my lips so smoothly I can’t get enough. Sadly I won’t repurchase this one because its $200.00 but I will definitely find a replacement. Also did I mention I only pay around C$80.00 for my Boxyluxe and this one product was US$200.00!

Daily Concepts Daily Hair Towel Wrap

 I completely forgot to get a picture of this before I gave it to my mom but I’m sure you’ve all seen one before. I actually do like them just not for my hair. For me I use a microfiber towel which is much nicer for my curly hair.


Final Thoughts

This was another good Boxyluxe box. You guys know I always love my boxes and I’m never disappointed. I’ve fallen in love with having a lip serum now because of this box. I got to try Storybook Cosmetics even though it wasn’t as nice as I thought it would be but I was happy to try it. That’s what I love about this box it lets me try new things and find new loves. Let me know what you thought of the box this month.

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