Boxycharm October 2019

It’s time to talk about October Boxycharm and if you don’t know what Boxycharm is, it is a monthly beauty subscription. You pay US$21.00 each month and get four to five full-size beauty items in your box each month. You can get makeup, skincare and beauty tools.

*They did update the box to make it a little bit bigger and now cost US$25.00 a month

Now that we all know what Boxycharm is I will give you my opinion on each product. I don’t do in-depth reviews of each product just quick thoughts on my opinion. If you have any questions about each product in the October Boxycharm let me know in the comments.

Dose of Colors Sassy Siennas


Let’s start with the Sassy Siennas palette. I was actually really excited to get this palette because I hear a lot about Dose of Colours online. We don’t have it in Canada. I mean I could always order it online but it’s just kind of a hassle so I was really excited to get it in my Boxycharm. We have gotten a lipstick from Dose of Colors before and I really enjoyed it and the same goes with their eye shadows. They are so nice I’m thinking of ordering more stuff from them. I find they blend really well, have very good pigment overall. These eye shadows definitely are something I would recommend.

Hollywood N Vine Long Eyeliner Pencil

October Boxycharm

I actually don’t like to get eyeliner pencils in the box just because I find they never work for my eyes. My eyes are watery and I find that the liners always disappear. Although that being said I was pleasantly surprised with this liner. I really like it, it lasted on my eyes pretty much all day,  it also didn’t irritate my eyes. Definitely, something I would consider to repurchase because of the price point and how well it worked for me.

Hank & Henry Slick With It Mascara Duo

So I was really excited to get this mascara because I really liked the Hank and Henry liquid liner that we had gotten. The smaller side for the lower lashes I love. Especially since I’ve never had one specifically for my lower lashes before. The mascara itself is really nice, my lashes look nice and full which I like. The only downside is that it is really hard to take off. Like I feel mascara is already difficult to take off but this one is on another level. It just doesn’t want to leave but overall I like the mascara. It just takes a little extra makeup remover to take off.

Iconic London Prep Set Glow

October Boxycharm

If you know me, you know I like a matte face not a more dewy or sparkly look. So this setting spray is just not my favourite only because I’m not into that type of look. I most likely will use it on my body in the summertime or something like that. It’s just not for me personally but it is nice on the skin. I have used it a few times over my makeup but it’s just not my favourite only because I prefer a mattifying look.

Mellow Tinted Brow Gel


When I first saw this brow brush I thought it was kind of big. I don’t know if it’s just me but I thought it was quite big but when I put it on my brows it wasn’t too bad. I did have to be a little careful because of the size. However, it was really nice, the colour did very well. It did set my brows for the evening as well. So overall it was really good. Would I repurchase? Probably not, I don’t really care about brow gels or things like that. I hate to do my brows it’s my worst thing. I usually just put a few pencil Strokes in there and then call it a day.

Final Thoughts

Overall this October Boxycharm was another good box. I know I say that every time but it is. I can never complain about what I have gotten. I’m always happy I think there was only one box that I’ve gotten which I wasn’t crazy about. I’ve been getting these boxes for almost 2 years now. So only one box me not liking is really good.

My favourite product I would say this month is the Dose of Colors Sassy Siennas Palette. What was your favourite product this month? Are you subscribed yet or are you thinking about it? Let me know in the comments below.

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