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How to Achieve The Best Heatless Curls

When I started to see these pop up on the internet I just had to try them. You can get such nice waves or curls from them depending on which one you buy. I decide to get the spirals for some defined curls but I am intrigued to try the waves as well. Also, I know what you are thinking. Why does she want something to curl her hair when she already has curly hair. Well, my hair has so many different curl patterns and it changes all the time. It’s nice to be able to have some really nice defined curls and know how my hair will look. If you have curly hair you know it’s hard to get your hair to look the same each time you do it.



I’m going to start this review off like I always do. I’m going to talk about price first because I know before someone talks about something to me I want to know how much it is. So I paid around $30 from amazon I believe. Which isn’t a bad price compared to some other hair rollers on the market. They were all kind of similar in price.

How to Apply

Let’s talk about how I apply these into my hair and then we will go on to what I think. I start with freshly washed hair then I part my hair down the middle into two sections. I take one side at a time and part them both horizontally. When you are finished parting you will have 4 separate parts. I do one section at a time of course so to prepare that section I spray it with a little water if I feel it’s a little dry. Next, I use my leave-in condition then a styling cream and a gel. I have done this a few times and used different products and it turned out good each time so use whatever you have on hand.


When I am ready to apply them I slide the hook through the curler as you can see in the picture above. Grab a piece of my hair and twist the top to place your hair on the hook. While holding your hair in place start to pull down on the hook to slide your hair through (when you get a little bit of hair in the curler you can let go of your hair). Do that to your entire head and wait for it to dry. To take them out I just grab one of the curls with one hand and with the other I grab the top of my hair. So when I’m pulling the curler out I’m just pulling the curler not my hair as well because I have a hold of my hair from the top. I hope this makes sense to you.


Now its time to talk about the pros and cons of this product. Let’s start with the cons first so we can end on a more positive note with the pros. So my first con isn’t the hair curlers fault it’s my hairs. I have thin hair and I don’t actually have a lot even though it may seem I do because my hair is curly. Anyway, when I take them out, my hair likes to stay exactly in the shape of when I had them in. Like the root of my hair has big spaces in between. I don’t put gel near my roots to help prevent this but you can still see the separation. You can see where I placed all the curlers, which I’m sure you can tell in the picture. And when I try to separate my hair to give it more volume it for some reason doesn’t like to do that for me.

My second con is that it hurts. I find it’s quite tight on my head and it’s not pleasant. I think I read you could leave these in overnight and that seems so uncomfortable and painful to me. Even though I have a grip on my hair to not pull it taking them out still hurts. You have to be careful and go nice and slow and really make sure you don’t pull your hair.


My third and final con is applying the curlers. For the most part, it just slides on smoothly. But sometimes my hair will get caught and it pulls. So this one isn’t that bad of a con if you are careful but still worth mentioning. Also, it doesn’t really save that much time. It does take a little while to put all of these in. It takes me at least half-hour or longer. It might actually be faster to just curl my hair with a curling iron. I know a lot of people don’t like to use heat but honestly, I don’t think heats that bad. As long as you put heat protection products on and you don’t have the heat set too high you should be good unless your hair is already really damaged.


It is now time for the pros. So my first and only one is that it actually does work. I do have nice defined curls. Applying some products does really help to ensure that. Also will mention that my hair is already naturally curly so I don’t know how good of hold it will have on straight hair. I’ve seen people with straight hair do other none heat tools before and work. So I’m sure this one would as well. Just use some good hold products. It’s nice not having to put heat on your hair with this option though.

Final Thoughts

Overall are these worth it? Yes and no. I think it’s just simpler to use a curling iron. If you really were adamant about curling your hair without heat than I would definitely say give them a try. Especially if you already use some type of hair curlers you may like these more. Like I said they do give you that nice defined curl. However, for me when I want that really defined curl I will most likely use my curling iron. If you have already used these let me know what you think in the comments below.

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